From beginners to professionals, and every dancer in between, if you are en pointe, you need this program. Designed and delivered by two of the world’s leading experts in pointe training, My Beginner Pointe is the key to effective, safe and aesthetic pointe work..

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Ooooooohh!! Thanks so much Vicki & Lisa, and congratulations on a wonderful program which is invaluable in the classroom and thanks for the new companion book! What a terrific addition!
Monique Feain

Ballet Coach and Mentor to Elite Dance Students; Director of, Ballet Coaching (NSW, Australia)

Introduction & Muscle Activation

This DVD introduces the presenters and explains the philosophy behind the entire program. Lisa then guides the dancer through special exercises to train all of the muscles required to really succeed and accelerate development en pointe. The exercises are broken into sections to teach a dancer everything they need to know about:

  • Core stability
  • Turnout Control
  • Inner Thigh and VMO Control
  • Foot and Ankle Strength
  • Balance and Proprioception

My First Pointe Shoes!

This DVD demystifies a dancer’s first pair of pointe shoes! Lisa and Vicki guide the dancer through fitting, breaking in and looking after their shoes; as well as sewing and tying the ribbons. Lisa will guide the dancer through some preparatory exercises in pointe shoes to grasp the concepts of working in them before commencing class work. Vicki then teaches Stage 1 of the program, explaining each exercise in detail. All exercises are presented with precise demonstrations and instruction, and are then set to music. Once you are familiar with all of the exercises, having high quality recordings of all of the music tracks (without instruction) on the Audio CD makes teaching the exercises in class effortless.

Beyond the Basics

Stages 2 and 3 are demonstrated on the third DVD of the program. Each stage involves progressions which are added to the basic exercises from Stage 1, and new exercises are added to further challenge the dancer’s strength. Dancers should definitely aim to master Stage 1 before advancing to the higher levels. Progressions include less barre support, faster and longer combinations of steps, as well as the introduction of port de bras. We recommend that dancers practice their designated stage at least twice a week to the musical accompaniment, and once a month with the DVD to fine-tune the details of the program.

Music for Class Work

This Audio CD includes delightful original arrangements of many Classical Ballet Greats including The Nutcracker Suite, Coppelia and Swan Lake, and allows you to practice the program in the studio, without the use of the DVD. Please note that all musical tracks on this Audio CD are original recordings arranged and performed by Franz Weindl, and are copyright protected. Please Note: The music on this CD must not be used for any performances outside of regular class work, without prior written consent. Please Contact Us for more information about this.

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For Dancers

If you want to be a professional dancer, your feet are your biggest asset. Learning how to work them well from the beginning will get you where you want to go, and keep you there for much longer! Pointe work requires your complete physical and mental devotion, and this program will guide you toward stronger, aesthetically refined pointe work that will appear effortless to your audience.

For Teachers

The My Beginner Pointe program will unequivocally provide you with all the physical conditioning and strengthening information you need to successfully put your students en pointe. The program adopts a slow, meticulous approach that will return a faster result with no physical damage adding purification to your student’s technique. The My Beginner Pointe program is the supreme supplementary pointe program for dancers to strengthen their existing classical technique in a safe, controlled manner.

For Parents

Many parents are understandably concerned about the introduction of pointe work, and this is a very real issue. Pointe work requires careful preparation with an experienced teacher, in order to avoid the many common injuries that dancers suffer. With the right training, pointe work can be reasonably pain free, and dancers’ feet can remain happy and healthy long term. The slow and careful approach taken in the My Beginner Pointe program ensures that your childs’ feet are looked after while they pursue their dreams!

The My Beginner Pointe Program Includes!

  • Disc 1 – Introduction and Muscle Activation
  • Disc 2 – My First Pointe Shoes
  • Disc 3 – Beyond the Basics
  • Audio CD – With original recordings of your favourite classics
Vicki Attard

Vicki Attard

Vicki Attard comes from Mackay, Queensland, where she studied ballet before her acceptance into The Australian Ballet School. In 1985 she joined The Australian Ballet and was promoted to Coryphee in 1987, Soloiste in 1991, Senior Artiste in 1992 and Principal Artiste in 1993.

Since retiring from the stage Vicki has continued to assist Mr. Stanton Welch AM in staging Madame Butterfly for many American ballet companies, overseen regional tours for the Dancers Company, lead her own Semi Professional Program and more recently filled the position of Interim Director of the Houston Ballet Academy.

Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell is the founder and director of Perfect Form Physiotherapy, a centre dedicated to the education, treatment and development of dancers, located in Sydney, Australia.  Lisa is passionate about injury prevention while enabling optimal performance, and after observing so many training errors in young students she has created a series of dance education resources for teachers and students, including to get this information out into the world. She presents worldwide at dance conventions and her Teacher Training workshops have been delivered to dance teachers from over 26 different countries!
Correct preparation for pointe work has always been a passion for both Vicki and Lisa, as so many of the issues they see in the studio and in the clinic are related to students progressing before they are ready. They were delighted to work together on this project, to merge the worlds of biomechanics, physio for dancers and Master Teaching to create a system for developing safe and aesthetic pointe work for all students.