2013 Dancer Profiles is all about celebrating dancers who have done the hard yards in the ballet studio and finally realised their dream.  As teachers, it is commonplace that students enter our lives stage right and exit stage left, very rarely are they ever centre front in our lives again. I find it quite saddening that people so integral in our lives can one day simply cease to exist. I understand this applies to all walks of life, however, we work so closely in the ballet studio, physically and mentally, that it seems so much more intense.  On a daily basis, I drop my own children off at school, then go care for my ballet children.  I trade one lot of children for another!  My ballet students and I grow together, struggle together and periodically triumph together. Naturally life evolves, and with any luck our ballet students depart for careers abroad.

I want to start this particular segment of 2013 Dancer Profiles by celebrating two established dancers that I have recently farewelled to careers abroad, and one relatively new dancer, all who have recently touched my life. I hope you enjoy their journeys  so far. There will be many more dancer profiles to come!!!

Simply Click on the Dancer’s name to read about their progress!

Written by; Vicki Attard

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