Ballet Grooming Tips are an essential part of being performance ready.  Beautifully manicured nails, the perfect bun, skin coloured straps etc. can all make a profound difference to the way you look onstage.  When we work so hard to perfect our ballet technique, why not follow a few ballet grooming tips to create the desired flawless look onstage.

  • Ballet Grooming Tips #1 – Pancaking the straps of your costume creates a flawless and finished illusion. It’s such a quick, easy process that can really generate a professional look. Simply dab a little inexpensive foundation or pancake on a very damp sea sponge to colour the entire strap all the way from one seam to the other seam of your costume. The idea is that the straps blend completely with your skin tone. It can also be a good idea to put the costume on and re-pancake the straps and all surrounding skin, even under the straps, just prior to performance for a perfect look.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #2 – Make certain your pointe shoes are tied securely ensuring the ribbons remain tucked away.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #3 – If you find it absolutely necessary to apply fake tan prior to a competition, please ensure that it is applied a couple of days prior, so as not to leave any residue on the stage. The same rule extends for the application of moisturiser. This rule is particularly important to remember if you are ever warming up on the tarkett onstage prior to a performance, or if your body comes in contact with the floor in any way throughout your performance, as moisturiser or body oil will definitely leave slippery residue.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #4 – If you are wearing a leotard with tights and don’t want it riding up, you can stitch the leotard to your tights with elastic thread. Simply place the leotard exactly where you want it to stay, and put some stitches at the very top of the leg, underneath the bottom. It’s a good idea to make sure your tights aren’t pulled too taut as the stitches may ladder your tights. (Always have some clear nail polish for ladders in your tights, and as a general rule, have a spare of EVERYTHING!) Alternatively, a little resin on your tights just under where your leotard sits can also help keep it in place.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #5 – Always keep a lighter or a box of matches with your sewing kit for singeing the ends of your ribbons to avoid fraying. But…….always have a responsible adult present when you are burning the ends of your ribbons!
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #6 – Rhinestone earrings are great for extra sparkle.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #7 – Clear varnish on nicely groomed fingernails can elongate your line and add extra finesse.
  • Ballet Grooming Tips #8 – Never leave home without spare practice clothes, a pair of flats/pointe shoes and hair gear. This is particularly important if you are travelling. Baggage can easily get lost/stolen or misplaced. Always have everything you need for class packed away in your hand luggage as a precaution.

Written by; Vicki Attard

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