Getting your first pointe shoes is always very exciting, and it was wonderful to be able to share the joy of this with Mimi and her mother when they visited Bloch in Bondi Junction.

Having an experienced fitter is very important especially for your first pair of shoes and as such your first pointe shoes should never be ordered online.  The fitter will look at flexibility and strength of your feet as well as the shape of your foot to determine the right shoe for you.

Mimi was fitted with an Amelie Soft Bloch pointe shoe which is specifically designed for a beginner en pointe because of it’s flexible shank and wide platform.  This allows the dancer to focus on working correctly through the foot and gives more stability when en pointe. This particular style also has longer wings providing more support and this also helps prevent the development of bunions. For more information on beginner pointe shoes please click here.

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For answers to the common questions that people have when starting en pointe, please click on the following links:

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