A pointe assessment is an important factor in deciding whether or not a student is ready to progress onto pointe. The pointe assessment may be done by a health professional, such as a Physiotherapist or an experienced dance teacher.

Very rarely will a student be ready at their first assessment as much of the session is focused on identifying areas of technique or biomechanical restrictions that may be limiting the dancer from performing at their best. Simple stretches and exercises focused on correcting these issues can make a huge difference to the dancer’s classical technique as well as their safety, when progressing onto pointe.

During the pointe assessment, the assessor will look at all kinds of things including flexibility of the feet and ankles, strength of the small foot muscles, turnout and core control as well as the required basic knowledge of classical steps.

In this video Lisa explains the components of a pre-pointe assessment that should be checked before any student progresses onto pointe.

Mimi passed her pre-pointe assessment with flying colours demonstrating all of the strength and mobility requirements for pointe work.  This is most likely due to her diligent practicing of Stage One of the My Beginner Pointe Program with Vicki Attard for six months before her pre-pointe assessment.


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