My Beginner Pointe DVD’s

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Principal Artiste, Vicki Attard, and Physiotherapist for Dancers, Lisa Howell, have joined forces to present a unique program which covers safe dance practices and aesthetic components, that combine to create successful classical dancers.

This comprehensive program includes three DVD’s covering preparatory and strengthening exercises for pointe work, as well as three carefully choreographed stages of class work, providing a wealth of information in an uncomplicated format. The Audio CD completes the set; making the class work easy to practice at home or in the studio.

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The program takes a young dancer from choosing their first pair of pointe shoes, through preparatory exercises and beginner class exercises, all the way to turns en pointe. The Audio CD completes the set; making the class work easy to practice at home or in the studio.

Disc 1 – Introduction & Muscle Activation DVD

This DVD introduces the presenters and explains the philosophy behind the entire program. Lisa then guides the dancer through special exercises to train all of the muscles required to really succeed and accelerate development en pointe. The exercises are broken into sections to teach a dancer everything they need to know about:

  • Core stability
  • Turnout Control
  • Inner Thigh and VMO Control
  • Foot and Ankle Strength
  • Balance and Proprioception

Disc 2 – My First Pointe Shoes! DVD

This DVD demystifies a dancer’s first pair of pointe shoes! Lisa and Vicki guide the dancer through fitting, breaking in and looking after their shoes; as well as sewing and tying the ribbons. Lisa will guide the dancer through some preparatory exercises in pointe shoes to grasp the concepts of working in them before commencing class work. Vicki then teaches Stage 1 of the program, explaining each exercise in detail. All exercises are presented with precise demonstrations and instruction, and are then set to music. Once you are familiar with all of the exercises, having high quality recordings of all of the music tracks (without instruction) on the Audio CD makes teaching the exercises in class effortless.

Disc 3 – Beyond the Basics DVD

Stages 2 and 3 are demonstrated on the third DVD of the program. Each stage involves progressions which are added to the basic exercises from Stage 1, and new exercises are added to further challenge the dancer’s strength. Dancers should definitely aim to master Stage 1 before advancing to the higher levels. Progressions include less barre support, faster and longer combinations of steps, as well as the introduction of port de bras. We recommend that dancers practice their designated stage at least twice a week to the musical accompaniment, and once a month with the DVD to fine-tune the details of the program.

Music for Class Work – CD

This Audio CD includes delightful original arrangements of many Classical Ballet Greats including The Nutcracker Suite, Coppelia and Swan Lake, and allows you to practice the program in the studio, without the use of the DVD. Please note that all musical tracks on this Audio CD are original recordings arranged and performed by Franz Weindl, and are copyright protected. Please Note: The music on this CD must not be used for any performances outside of regular class work, without prior written consent. Please Contact Us for more information about this.