The Perfect Pointe – eBook

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The Perfect Pointe Book was originally designed to help students and dance teachers safely prepare for pointe work. The four stages of tests and exercises within the book are ideal for pre-pointe preparation classes, students close to achieving pointe shoes and students already en pointe looking for extra strength and technique training.

Having an EBOOK version of The Perfect Pointe Book allows teachers and students to conveniently access all of the information on their devices, and means that the content is available in any location. Choosing the EBOOK option allows instant access to the content, and also reduces the weight of the package, saving postage costs.

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The Perfect Pointe Book is a fantastic resource for dancers of all ages. It is designed to guide students through all of the stages required for pointe work, to ensure a safe and fun progression onto pointe. This invaluable resource combines classical technique training with physiotherapy techniques to fine tune and accelerate preparation for pointe work.

The program includes four stages of tests and exercises designed to target the most important areas of a young dancer’s physical development, all critical to success en pointe. They are carefully chosen to improve technique and strength as quickly as possible!

Stage 1 – Fabulous Flexibility – Focused on improving the flexibility of a dancer’s feet and ankles.

Stage 2 – Marvelous Muscles – Helps dancers discover the intrinsic and extrinsic foot muscles essential to successful pointe work.

Stage 3 – Terrific Turnout – Age appropriate exercises for discovering the deep rotators to correctly control the legs en pointe.

Stage 4 – Beyond the Barre – Focuses on developing deep core strength and balance away from the barre.