Practicing Stage One in demi-pointe shoes or ballet flats is an ideal way to begin working with the My Beginner Pointe program.  There are many important reasons for this recommendation;

1.  Practicing Stage One in demi-pointe shoes or ballet flats will allow the student to learn the 6 exercises in the familiarity of their regular practice shoes.

2.  The student will be able to become acquainted with the program’s music and the musicality of Stage One.

3.  Lastly, but most importantly, the student will identify with the key muscle areas.  Learning the importance of the vmo’s, intrinsic foot muscles and the turn out muscles, and the time it takes to activate these muscles, if not already in use.

Once the student has achieved the above, it is time for pointe shoes.  The progression onto pointe will be seamless. We recommend that students practice Stage One at least twice a week for approximately 6 months as a solid preparation for going en pointe.

If you would like to find out more about the importance of working in demi-pointe shoes as a preparation to going en pointe, please click on the following link;




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