Some very important muscles that you need to work on strengthening for pointe work are your inner thighs and your VMO.  Your VMO is the tear drop shaped muscle that sits about 5cm up, and 5cm in from the top of your knee cap.  It is really important for you to be using these muscles when you’re dancing en pointe, as a lot of students tend to bend their knees en pointe especially if their pointe range is not so good. The VMO muscle supports the knee, assists in preventing knee injuries and also keeps your leg in alignment when you are en fondu.

The My Beginner Pointe program demonstrates a couple of different exercises combining the use of the inner thigh and the inner knee muscle, because they work really well together. This video demonstrates one that also includes strengthening of the foot and ankle muscles, making it a very efficient exercise!

This exercise is just one of the many fabulous exercises in the first DVD in the My Beginner Pointe program. CLICK HERE to learn more about the program.

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