Young dancers often think that they should stick to the one style of shoe, however, as we are spoilt for choice, I think it is a wise idea to switch shoe styles until you find the style that suits you best.

I think switching shoe styles whilst you are a student is a good idea, until you find the one that suits you best, particularly if you are new to pointe.

There are so many different styles, just be sure to do your homework on the individual features before purchasing them, as pointe shoes are expensive items.

The variable areas on a pointe shoe are;
1. The shank
2. The platform
3. The paste
4. The block or box
5. The drawstring
6. The outsole
7. The last
8. The vamp shape and length
9. The wing
10.The shoe width
11.The heel shape
12.The side height

It is also a very good idea to take your old pointe shoes in with you to each of your pointe shoe fittings so the shoe fitter can see exactly how your old shoes have broken down, and what it is about them
that you may not like or want to change.

Written by; Vicki Attard

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