I need to have a coloured pair of pointe shoes for my end of year performance, and can’t colour my current pair, what should I do?

I suggest a little pre-planning when it comes to colouring pointe shoes.  Instead of throwing away your dead shoes, it is a good idea to remove the old ribbons, and put the shoes away for times like these. Colouring shoes will always harden your pointe shoes, and as you will only require them for a few shows, or even a one-off show, they will be perfectly adequate for the job ahead.

If you need a coloured pair of pointe shoes, but find it necessary for some reason to have a new pair, there are some brands that can be purchased pre-coloured. The selection of colours is quite varied, and ribbons and elastics are available also.

Dyeing shoes can be a messy job, so be sure to be very organised with protective clothing and a protective sheet laid down for mess. There are many different products available to dye your shoes, but be very cautious about products that may leave residue on the stage. Another point of interest, is that sometimes the same product can be used on your ribbons and elastic, however, the dye may bleed on to your tights. If you are wearing pink ballet tights, this may be an issue. Also, once the ribbons and elastics are coloured, they may stiffen. Keep in mind that there are lots of different coloured ribbons available at habadashery stores, so you may be able to match the colour of your newly dyed shoes instead of dying them. This may prove much less messy!

Written by Vicki Attard

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