I have been given permission by my teacher and dance physiotherapist to purchase my first pair of pointe shoes, and was wondering if it is ok to purchase them online?

I would definitely NOT recommend buying your first pair of pointe shoes online.  Your first pointe shoes should be fitted by an experienced pointe shoe fitter at a reputable ballet store.  There are many factors to be considered when fitting your first pointe shoes, and it is recommended that you make an appointment ahead of time, so your decision isn’t rushed.  Ill fitting pointe shoes can result in blisters, corns, sore feet and at worst, injuries.

After you have been correctly fitted with your first pointe shoes, then by all means you can order the exact shoes online, but beware to put in each specification correctly.  The detail of specifications for each brand and style of pointe shoe varies, some are incredibly detailed and some are relatively straight forward.  All orders will require your size and width, and some will require additional specifications like vamp length, shank strength, drawstring/elastic, heel height and sometimes colour of satin.

However detailed the order form is, I still highly recommend your first fitting be done in person, at a ballet store.  Your first pointe shoes are an important step in your progression and your first fitting in particular needs to be taken very seriously and not rushed.

Written by;  Vicki Attard

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