Maintaining pointe shoes in good condition is about constant maintenance.  Let’s face it, pointe shoes are rather expensive, and we should do all we can to keep them in tip top condition. 

The first step to maintaining pointe shoes is to use a small nail brush to brush any excess dirt away from the satin.  However, if you have persistent spots, seek an adult to help place a small amount of methylated spirits on a cotton bud, not ball, to gently rub the spot.  It’s also a good idea to either remove your old ribbons and elastic, wash them and re-stitch them, or wash them whilst on your shoes, being very careful not to get any water near the box of your shoe!!!

With regard to neatening the tears on and around the platform of your shoes, I would suggest using a small pair of manicure scissors.  If you need to tidy up your shoes for a special performance or examination and you have lots of tears on the platform and the satin has come away from the platform, I suggest;

1.  Seek help from an adult to secure a sharp stanley knife.

2.  Outline the platform of your shoes with a pencil, then mark down both sides of the shoe on either side of the pleats where they meet the outsole, which is underneath the shoe.

3,  Ask your adult to lightly cut along this line being careful not to cut through the canvas which is directly underneath the satin.

4.  Remove the cut satin and you will be left with the exposed canvas.

(Note;  Cutting the satin in between the pleats underneath the shoe will be the hardest part to do, make certain that once you have finished, the surface is very flat so as not to create an unstable platform under the foot).

Written by;  Vicki Attard

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