Fraying ribbons is a common issue amongst younger dancers.  You will often see a thread extending for quite a length, or a ribbon so badly frayed that it is almost too short!!!

Stopping ribbons from fraying is an easy one. The first way to stop your ribbons from fraying is to simply cut the ends of your ribbons either on a diagonal or in a v-shape. This will definitely keep the fraying to a minimum and is a suitable remedy for younger students.

The second method to stop ribbons from fraying may require the help of an adult, as you will need a lighter which will melt the ends of your ribbons. As your shoe ribbons are made from synthetic fibres, it may take some practice to apply enough heat to simply seal the ends, and not burn them. You will need to run the very tip of your ribbons over the flame, you will see how it seals the fibres.

Thirdly, you can treat the cut edge of your ribbons with a small amount of craft glue or clear nail polish.

Lastly, as there is a product for everything, and in this instance the products are ‘Fray Check’ and ‘Fray Block’ which work in a similar way to more conventional methods. ‘I-Magicut’ is a portable machine that will accurately cut the ribbon and seal the end in one process. It is a cordless machine that requires batteries, heats in three to five seconds, but once again may need adult supervision.

Written by; Vicki Attard

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